Threat to Unborn Babies Averted

We praise the Lord that a proposed amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that would have permitted abortion up to birth for any reason was withdrawn yesterday.

New Clause 55, lodged by Dame Diana Johnson MP, sought to repeal all legal safeguards pertaining to abortion in England and Wales. If it had been approved, it would have:

  • Opened the door to abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth;
  • Removed the requirement for a doctor to be involved;
  • Removed conscience protections for medics who object to abortion;
  • Opened the door to controversial ‘sex-selective’ abortions.

Ms Johnson withdrew the amendment before it went to a vote.

Rupa Huq MP also decided not to take her amendment, which would have introduced a gaol sentence of up to two years for offering support to women outside abortion clinics nationwide, to a vote.

We commend all those MPs who spoke up in opposition to the amendment, including Fiona Bruce and Danny Kruger.

Right to Life reports:

Polling from Savanta ComRes on whether time limits for abortion should be increased shows that only 1% of women want the time limit to be extended; in contrast, 70% of women favour a reduction in time limits. The polling also showed that 77% of women agree that doctors should be required to verify in person that a patient seeking an abortion is not under pressure from a third party to undergo the abortion, and 91% of women agree that gender-selective abortion should be explicitly banned by the law.

A poll from Savanta ComRes released last week showed that only 21% of the population support the introduction of nationwide ‘censorship zones’ around abortion clinics. It showed that support was lowest among 18 to 34-year-olds, with only 15% supporting the introduction of nationwide ‘censorship zones’ around abortion clinics.

Rats in the Chamber

The other day, God gave me a vision and if I was an artist I would have painted it. All the British Members of Parliament were sitting in the chamber and the chamber was full and they suddenly turned into rats with human faces. I looked and there was the king rat sitting in the Speaker’s chair. I looked again and saw the leader of the opposition was a slightly bigger rat. I looked over to the government side and Theresa May looked like a wizened, nasty rat.

Why God showed me this I do not know but is this not much like the MPs that we elected?

I looked again and saw massive waves from the sea sweep them all away down the drain. I looked back at the chamber and it was washed clean.

What a strange dream. I cannot say it was prophetic but I do believe that the coming European elections will be a seismic change in the political nature of our country.

Rev Ross Rennie