My King?

The Church of England has been accused of being ‘determined to bless sin.’ Could a similar accusation be levelled against the proceedings in Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023?

In this opinion piece, Myers Cooper questions several aspects of the coronation ceremony.

These are Myers’s personal views. Perhaps you have your own? Share them in the comments below or in the comments section below Myers’s article.

Agape in Action

Agape is love, love is of God
My thought, my conduct and my attitude
Your love says, “I will shape them all”
Oh Agape, love and lover of my soul

YOU are the initiator,
YOU are the seeker
YOU sought me with YOUR blessings
All I wanted is to be YOUR instrument

The forgotten life I lived, I recall
I did not see Agape around
I wasted time looking for Agape
At last, YOU are the Agape

YOU have eyes to look at my needy life
YOU looked at my life with a loving eyes
With love YOU stretched out Your arms to me
And into the hug of YOUR love I entered

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