If you really want to see God move in your life, then obey His word

Guest Testimony by Noel Linton

“If you really want to see God move in your life, then obey His word”

My name is Noel Linton, and that subtle revelation above has kept me testifying of the goodness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

A few years ago, my wife tells me about a dream she had about a place called Liverpool. I listen and then tell her, that it was just a dream; after all, we live in Texas, USA and not in England. My wife goes on to have at least 3 more dreams about living in England and I continue to dismiss them as just dreams. Time goes on and I forget about the dreams, despite receiving numerous prophecies about my family making a move out of Texas.

I guess God got tired of my stubbornness because every door for me in America suddenly closes and I am left looking outside the US. My wife reminds me of the dreams she had of England, and me being a British citizen, we make plans to move.

I told my wife that I am not moving to England until I at least get a job first. So I received a position from the company I worked for in the US. I book my flight and a room in a B&B and in early March I fly to England. Shortly after arriving, I receive a call that the job I was coming for is no longer available. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. So here I am thousands of miles away from my family, in a foreign land, with no home, no job, and no joy.

So feeling completely down, I decide to go to visit Liverpool, but the Lord leads me in the opposite direction to Chester. Once there I walk into a café and it is in that café that everything changes. Kunle, the owner of the café, approaches me and we start talking. After hearing part of my story, he tells me that he will pray for me. I’m thinking he will pray later at home, but he sits me down and calls over a lady named Fran. They both start praying for me in the middle of this café and God is revealing everything to them about my hurt, my disappointment, and most of all, my anger at the situation. They encourage me, and Kunle invites me to his church’s revival.

I had no way of getting there but Kunle said he will take me and have a man name Ross Rennie take me back. Now Ross had no plans or intentions of going to the revival, but said he will go just to take me back home. Another divine appointment. I was blessed at the revival and Ross says he will pick me up for Sunday service the next day. It’s a long drive, so we were sharing our visions for ministry and we had a lot in common. He invites me to breakfast the following Monday and he reveals that God told him to look out for me. Unbeknownst to him, I received a prophecy shortly before coming to England that I would meet a man who will show me around and help me get settled. Ross has done just that, he allowed me to stay in his home so I won’t have to pay for the B&B and has taken me to various places and shown me around. He has assisted me with getting my home furnished and prepared for the arrival of my family.

Ever since I arrived in England, I have seen God move in my life. I’ve seen prophecies fulfilled in regards to the people I will meet and even to the home I have. All because I finally aligned myself with His will for my life.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Noel Linton

Noel’s House Needs

  • Cooker Provided!
  • Microwave
  • 3 Seat Sofa
  • TV Stand Provided!
  • Coffee Table
  • Desk
  • Double or Bunk Bed
  • Single Bed
  • Single Bed
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressers

God’s Amazing Miracle In My Life

Some of you know that a while back I moved to Chester. While here God started to speak to me about setting up a house of prayer. Unfortunately my neighbour took umbrage at this and with the help of the authorities put paid to people coming and praying. But we know that no weapon that is fashioned against us can stand. Out of wisdom the Holy Spirit revealed to me the best action was to be still and know that He (the Father) was God. The situation here became quite intense even to the point where the Cheshire police rang my landlord one day and nearly had me evicted. But God prevailed and what the devil purposed for evil God turned for good, as He did with Joseph, as I totally believe that nothing can happen to me unless my Father allows it, because I believe in the total sovereignty of the Almighty God over my life.

Unfortunately we do have an enemy and sometimes he strikes when we are active for the Lord. On 14 July 2015 I went to work as I do most days as a sales and marketing manager, as I believe that Paul was a tentmaker and I have always been in some form of work even after I left Bible college. I had a phone call from a sergeant in the Cheshire police and I lost my peace and became very distraught. I got as far as Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. I phoned my friend in Penzance but owing to the stress I was in a very dark place. I then drove on but I felt very sick and I felt I was going to crash the car, so I pulled into a lay-by not realising I was having a mini-stroke. I sat in the lay-by and forgot who I was. I had no recollection of what I was doing. But thank God for mobile phones. I called my friends and my friend Austin came to rescue me. I was rushed into hospital, but on the way, as my friend Austin will testify, I was dying. The amazing thing was I was at peace. I could hear angels and I could see heaven’s doors opening. To be honest I was looking forward to going home to be with my Lord whom I have served for the past 36 years. I cannot say that I have been the best Christian that has ever lived, as like King David I have made many mistakes. But I know this: the Lord loves me and I was going home.

As I lay in the car and my friend Austin was punching me in the leg jokingly telling me not to die in his car, the Lord said to me, “Ross, you have run a good race. You can come home if you want to, but I do want you to go back as there is more for you to do.”

At that point I said to the Lord, “But I don’t want to go back. They hate me.”

He said, “They hated Me too, but will you go back for Me?”

I said, “Yes, Lord.” Then I was on the road to recovery.

I am not writing any of this to bring any glory to myself as all the glory belongs to God. Austin finally got me to hospital where I started to recover, and the amazing miracle which astounded even the doctors at Derby Royal Hospital was that I walked out of that hospital. Owing to the laws of the land I was not allowed to drive so Austin and his mother looked after me and made sure that I got back home to Chester. In a weakened state but still alive by the miracle of God I contacted my friend in Penzance and I went away for a time of rest and recuperation.

I believe that a book by Charles Capps, God’s Creative Power for Healing, was very important in my restoration, as I read this book over myself three times day for nearly six weeks. During that six weeks God told me that I was going to China. Now I have been to China, I have seen Beijing, I have gone to a city called Yinchuan in northern China and I have had the privilege of walking in the footsteps of a great lady, Gladys Aylward, just touching the tip of what she did all those years ago in China.

I share this with all you my brothers and sisters in Christ just to show what God can do and I hope as you read this it will bless you.

If you would like me to share this event in more detail with your church or group I would be pleased to come, as it says in Revelation 12: 11, they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and I love to give testimony to God and His power, as I believe there is nothing impossible with God.

Your fellow-pilgrim on the journey,

Rev Ross Rennie