House and Health

A prayer request from Marie Grace:

I had posted the below prayer last week. And, I had hoped that the plumber who is to inspect under this house would have made an appointment with me by now, but so far have not heard from him. I am concerned that time is going to slip away from us. We urgently need a small digger to come to this property and rebore the drainage next to Dean’s bedroom where the water is turning the soil to mud. The whole house is incredibly damp right now.

Last week a person came to the house and inspected the tiles on the roof, and the water under the house. He found that the soil under the insulation mat was so wet you could pick it up and water come out of it. I have said this for at least a year. And the water under the house was everywhere.

The person also told me, that there is a firm here, that is certified to look after tile roofs, and that the tiles on this roof were made by a Levin company. So, that ends the nonsense I have lived under, (for 3 years) that the only firm New Zealand wide to do this work, is in Wellington. There is a perfectly good person here, who could safely do all of the inspections we have had, and write a report that has to be noted in the tenancy courts because of his qualifications in tile and tin roofs. He is to come and give a quote and a note for the report to be handed in.

I am really not impressed with all of this, and the severe impact on my health. I am now on 3 medications for my health. I have also had 4 emergency visits to the hospital. The last was yesterday, where my blood pressure was high, but not as high as it has been, hence the 3rd medication. All medications have come about due to the stress of the situation.

There already seems to be a hold-up. Please pray that the work goes ahead without delay. This is our 3rd winter with the exact issues which have caused my health to slide away. Please pray for a miracle intervention or better accommodation.

For tonight please pray Psalm 118:17 and Psalm 27:5-6 for me.

God bless everyone and thank you.

Marie Grace

COVID-19, D-Day and Dunkirk

An opinion piece by Myers Cooper

D-Day Prayer

Soldiers wading ashore from landing craft

I have recently enjoyed listening to archive recordings of the 24 hours’ continuous broadcasts by CBS following the first reports of the D-Day landings on 6 June 1944. CBS relayed a speech by King George VI, broadcast on the BBC, in which he said:

That we may be worthily matched with this new summons of destiny, I
desire solemnly to call my people to prayer and dedication. We are not
unmindful of our own shortcomings, past and present. We shall ask not
that God may do our will, but that we may be enabled to do the will of
God: and we dare to believe that God has used our Nation and Empire as
an instrument for fulfilling His high purpose.

I note firstly that the Sovereign called his people to prayer, secondly that he hinted at national sin (‘not unmindful of our own shortcomings’) and thirdly that he emphasised the need to do God’s will, not ask God’s blessing on human efforts.

President Franklin D Roosevelt composed a prayer on D-Day, which he broadcast to the people of USA. After praying for the ‘sons’ who were going into battle, he continued:

And for us at home—fathers, mothers, children, wives, sisters, and
brothers of brave men overseas—whose thoughts and prayers are ever
with them—help us, Almighty God, to rededicate ourselves in renewed
faith in Thee in this hour of great sacrifice.

Many people have urged that I call the Nation into a single day of
special prayer. But because the road is long and the desire is great,
I ask that our people devote themselves in a continuance of prayer. As
we rise to each new day, and again when each day is spent, let words
of prayer be on our lips, invoking Thy help to our efforts.

As I listened to the reporters and commentators speaking about the invasion, I also found it notable how often they mentioned prayer and dependence upon the Lord for the success of the invasion and the defeat of an evil regime.

Another War in 2020 but No Call to Prayer

Back in March, the British Prime Minister told his cabinet ‘we are engaged in a war against the disease which we must win,’ a simile that has been used often since then. But calls to prayer and an acknowledgement of our dependence on God’s mercy have been sadly absent.

In her address to the UK and the Commonwealth on 5 April, all that Her Majesty the Queen, the Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England, could manage was, ‘many people of all faiths, and of none, are discovering that [self-isolation] presents an opportunity to slow down, pause and reflect, in prayer or meditation.’

How sad that the leaders of our nation have not followed the example of their predecessors in past generations, have failed to respond to a national threat by calling for repentance and prayer and have instead made ‘the science’ their idol.

“For My people have committed two evils:
They have forsaken Me,
The fountain of living waters,
To hew for themselves cisterns,
Broken cisterns
That can hold no water.”
Jeremiah 2:13

A Miracle of Deliverance

British soldiers on Dunkirk beach awaiting embarkation

Four years prior to D-Day, when our nation was facing the loss of thousands of British soldiers on the beach at Dunkirk with the threat of a Nazi invasion to follow, King George VI called the nation to pray. The King and members of the Cabinet, together with millions in all parts of the nation, Commonwealth and Empire gathered in cathedrals and churches to join in prayer.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill stated at the time that perhaps 20,000 to 30,000 soldiers might escape back to England. In the event, over 300,000 were saved. Churchill described the evacuation as a ‘miracle of deliverance’.

At the time of writing, nearly 400,000 people may have died as a direct result of COVID-19. The full effects on physical and mental health have yet to be assessed and the astronomical cost to the world economy has yet to be calculated. Second, third or more waves of COVID-19 or its mutations may come upon us. Politicians and scientists have not provided us with a ‘miracle of deliverance’.

A Gideon’s Army

If we wait for a queen, president or prime minister to call us to prayer, we may still be waiting and have done nothing when the next crisis comes. Nowadays, grass-roots, bottom-up movements seem more effective in mobilising public opinion and action than rallying cries from those in power. Revivals have started in response to the fervent, sustained prayers of a remnant. Gideon, an insignificant, inexperienced youth, led to victory an army reduced in size from 32,000 to 300.

Perhaps I should have written this article two months ago, but it is not too late for you and me to get on our knees and beseech the Lord for His deliverance, even if the leaders of our nation are looking elsewhere for a solution.

Call upon Me in the day of trouble;
I shall rescue you, and you will honour Me.
Psalms 50:15

O God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Be Thou our guard while troubles last,
And our eternal home.

Isaac Watts

One Minute to Twelve

Clock at one minute to twelveDear Fellow-Ministers and Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ and to the True Church,

Many of us are witnessing in our spirits that the time of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is very imminent. I am sure like me you are being challenged by the events around the world. The tsunami in Indonesia and it seems every day there is a new disaster around the corner. John the Baptist came with only one message and it was a message of repentance. I do not see much of this going on in our churches around the world today. I see as in the time of Amos:

The Prophet Amos – עָמוֹס- lived in the Eighth Century BC and was a common herdsman and keeper of sycamore fig trees (7:14) before he was called by God. He moved from Tekoa in Judah to the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II and prophesied the destruction of the Northern Kingdom. He is the first Prophet to have a Book of the Bible named after him. His book should be first if the listing was chronological, as he lived just prior to Hosea.

While Israel was prosperous at the time, it was also a time marked by social injustice – a time similar to our own! Amos castigated the extravagance of the Northern Kingdom, who “trampled the head of the poor into the dust of the earth” (2:7). Amos in 5:24 called for justice – מִשְׁפָּ֑ט – mishpat, and righteousness – צְדָקָה – tsedaqah, in one sentence. We live in a time of corporate greed and domination, a time of social inequality when 20% of the world consumes 80% of the world’s goods. The Book of Amos is relevant to this day!


So like me I would hope you would agree with the statement above. There are many in the kingdom of God who are living off the fat of the land as Amos warned the Northern Kingdom. I would say this is a parallel with the western church today. As many of you know, I have travelled to many countries and I have seen many injustices. I see pastors running around in the latest Mercedes and there are members of their congregations who cannot afford shoes. I see pastors and leaders living in mansions while their congregations are living on foodbanks. This cannot be right. I see people in the body of Christ giving to receive. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, we as ministers are guilty of this, as we have allowed the world to enter into the church. It is time for the church of Jesus Christ, I believe, to come to repentance. We are crying out for revival and a change in our nations. But I believe, as the word of God says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

I have just recently seen a YouTube clip of the late Billy Graham calling the nation of America to repentance in the 1970s. Many of you will not remember when the Shah of Iran was their leader and Iran was relatively free and had the freedom of religion. It was a different time. Now his son Franklin Graham is carrying on the message. Just recently, Franklin Graham was in Lancashire and many souls came to Christ. But I pray that the leaders of the major denominations will put away their petty differences and I for one pray will call the nations to prayer. I believe like many around the world that the Holy Spirit is calling the church to repentance. We are at one minute to twelve, and as it tells us in Matthew 24 we should be watching and praying as we do not know the time of our Lord’s return. It is time now, church, that we put aside our denominations, our affiliations, and came back to the word of God and interceded for our nations. This is not an opportunity for another worship service or people to puff themselves up or even sadly some ministers to make some extra money. This is a sincere cry from my heart for prayer. We in the west seem always to turn these into Christian concerts. This is not what the Lord is looking for.

Many of us remember the March for Jesus, which I believe was a move of God, and other events down through the years by people like Bob Dunnett and great prayer initiatives. But where has all this stuff gone? What a signal would be sent to the world if all the true believers around the world came together and prayed. This is not an opportunity for radio stations, TV stations or leaders in the body of Christ to make a few bob or even take up an offering, but to do as they say, seek God and pray. What a time this would be: no celebrities, no superstar Christians, but a true move of God. Who knows what God would do?

Rev Ross Rennie

What Is Wrong with the Church

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

As we enter into 2016 I have had some thoughts recently. I have been a Christian since 1979. I have been in many churches. In my early years I was a member of the old Baptist Union. I was saved in a free evangelical church. I then went into the Assemblies of God. From the Assemblies of God owing to a series of unfortunate events in my Christian life and being baptised in the Holy Spirit while in the pentecostal church I then went into Elim. From there I became an independent pentecostal Christian.

I have seen many things in my life and as many of you know I have travelled to many countries. I have just come back from one of the largest countries in the world with a population of 1.4 billion and I have met many Christians from many denominations here in the UK and also abroad. I have been a pastor in large churches and small churches. I have seen the many miracles that Jesus spoke about, healings from cancers and tinnitus, blind eyes opening, the deaf hearing, hearts being restored spiritually and physically, and I am amazed at the power and the majesty of our Almighty Father.

But like many of you I have longed for true revival. I have seen manifestations of what man believes to be revival but Toronto and other sparks of God’s power I believe have been snuffed out by man. There is a problem in the body of Christ. Many commentators such as Leonard Ravenhill and other great saints of God who have gone on before us have highlighted that the problem with the church in the United Kingdom and across the world is a lack of prayer. The Bible tells us clearly, ‘If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land’ (2 Chronicles 7: 14). I long for a day hopefully in my lifetime when the church of Jesus Christ will get serious about prayer. If we put on a chicken supper or a banquet or a praise and worship night, many churches across London and across this country will be full, but sadly when it comes to prayer the prayer meetings in many churches are empty. I would even suggest in many individuals’ lives their prayer life is barren and they wonder why they do not seem to succeed. Many great women and men of the past such as Müller, Tozer, Whitfield and Wesley understood the power of prayer. So I pray quietly that there will be an enthusiastic return to prayers across our nation: not just once a week for an hour giving God a shopping list but solid intercessory prayer. We have seen it in such places as Seoul Korea where they have prayer mountains.

I am 100% convinced if we in the United Kingdom want to see true revival, the church needs to repent and turn back to the things of God and not clever schemes, not clever programmes, but getting down on our knees and praying for the lost, the widow, the lonely and the downcast, and not just them, but the rich, the powerful, our MPs, our Queen, all strata of society, as I know this will bring revival and restoration for our nation. I hope when you read this you will ponder and seek God for yourself, as you do not need to go to buildings; we just need people across the nation to burst into spontaneous prayer in their communities.

God bless you. My prayer for 2016 is we start to take back that which the devil has stolen: our cities, our towns, our families, our children, our nation. Amen