Fighting for Survival

There have been many occasions in history when the United Kingdom has been fighting for its very survival such as against the Spanish Armada with Sir Francis Drake and the First and Second World Wars, but the one thing about these times is people were united against a common foe. Unfortunately today we are on the brink of another battle, I believe for the very soul of this nation. I hope and pray on 9 June I do not wake up to Mr Corbyn as prime minister for many reasons: firstly I believe he is antichrist; he is disrespectful to the Queen; I believe he is a republican; I am bold enough to say he is an IRA sympathiser and as a British soldier I believe no military men should vote for this man as he has dishonoured those who died in conflict.

So if you are a UK citizen I would like you to search your own conscience if this is where you should put your vote. I urge you to seek God, as this vote is not just about leaving the European Union, this is about the moral fabric of our nation. I myself am not a traditional Tory voter, but in the light of the two candidates I have no choice but to vote for Theresa May. I hope and pray if God grants it and she becomes prime minister of this country she will take a look at the state of our nation, enact laws that are fair to all in society and reverse many of the laws which take away the rights of the parent and are detrimental to the poor and needy. The word of God is very clear, if those in power are not mindful of the less fortunate of our society, I believe on judgment day they will pay the price.

So I would ask you, brethren, in the next few days to pray that we do not wake up on 9 June to a nightmare, as if Mr Corbyn is elected, I believe many of our freedoms will disappear. Whether that is good or bad for the church of Jesus Christ only time will tell, as no matter what this world does, our Father God is sovereign. He appoints and He demotes, no matter what man might think. He is the Great I AM.

Rev Ross Rennie