Rats in the Chamber

The other day, God gave me a vision and if I was an artist I would have painted it. All the British Members of Parliament were sitting in the chamber and the chamber was full and they suddenly turned into rats with human faces. I looked and there was the king rat sitting in the Speaker’s chair. I looked again and saw the leader of the opposition was a slightly bigger rat. I looked over to the government side and Theresa May looked like a wizened, nasty rat.

Why God showed me this I do not know but is this not much like the MPs that we elected?

I looked again and saw massive waves from the sea sweep them all away down the drain. I looked back at the chamber and it was washed clean.

What a strange dream. I cannot say it was prophetic but I do believe that the coming European elections will be a seismic change in the political nature of our country.

Rev Ross Rennie

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