Companies Not To Trade With

In this article I share with you some bad experiences with companies I have dealt with in personal and business life. I recommend that you and your family, friends and colleagues do not trade with these companies.



I used to be a satisfied customer of Vodafone. Then in 2011 their representative persuaded me to sign up to a contract that he promised would cost me no more than £50 per month.

In March 2012 I received a bill for £380. I had exceeded my monthly inclusive voice call allowance and Vodafone had charged me at an exorbitant rate for the excess. They had no system for alerting me to the fact that I was nearing or exceeding the inclusive allowance. I complained, but received no satisfactory answer.

Then in June 2013 I received another astronomical bill, this time for more than £430. I could not afford to pay the whole amount in one sum, so I offered to pay so much per month. Vodafone refused and said they would hand over my debt to a debt collection agency.

Update, early August 2013:

The final bill at the end of my contract was £527. Vodafone have admitted that they have no way for a customer to pay a debt by instalments. Either it is paid in full or they sell it on to a debt collection agency. I find this astonishing. The company is greedy, dishonourable, inflexible and completely lacking in compassion for the victims of its aggressive charging regime. If you are considering using Vodafone’s services, think again. If you are locked into a contract with them, beware, and get out as soon as you can.

Update, late August 2013:

Having been threatened by Vodafone with court action I reluctantly paid the bill. Imagine my astonishment when I then received a further bill for £3.52! A very rude call centre employee in India again threatened me with legal action if I did not pay, but a much more polite and helpful employee, this time in Egypt, resolved the matter to my satisfaction.

Steer clear of this company.



Some years ago I was trying to resolve a dispute with TalkTalk. Whenever I telephoned I spoke to someone in South Asia who seemed to have no authority to do anything to resolve the problem.

Steer clear of this company.


Tesco logo

We have written elsewhere about Tesco’s support for the London Gay Pride festival. Tesco have never repented of this action, so, if you disagree with their policy, our recommendation is to do your shopping at another store.

Steer clear of this company.

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