Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks and Passports: Down the Rabbit Hole with Dr Mike Yeadon

Dr Mike Yeadon, former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and Co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd, talks to James Delingpole about his grave concerns about the Coronavirus jab and government coercion.

From The Delingpod and also available on Rumble.

Mike Yeadon’s warning: ‘Vaxpasses’ could put us under total control. Read an article on Dr Yeadon’s chilling prediction at The Conservative Woman and another at The Daily Expose.

Warning for Humanity: Covid-19 Vaccine and Transhumanism

In this video from Stop World Control, Dr Carrie Madej explains how the proposed vaccine for Covide-19 can change humanity forever. The way in which a vaccine may be administered could open the way for an unsuspecting population to receive the mark of the beast. She notes that a mechanism that could be used to deliver the vaccine could also implant the light-emitting enzyme luciferase.

Watch the video below or full-size on Bitchute.


Christian Leaders Challenge Government over Church Lockdown in England

A group of church leaders has agreed to start a legal challenge of the government’s decision to close church buildings in the new lockdown that started this week in England.

71 church leaders from different streams and traditions have signed the pre-action letter asking the government not to impose a ban on worship services and saying they will pursue judicial review to overturn the ban if necessary.

The new restrictions state that “places of worship will be closed” with exceptions for funerals, broadcast acts of worship, individual prayer, essential voluntary public services, formal childcare, and some other exempted activities.

These restrictions once again make it a criminal offence for Christians to gather for worship or prayer, or to go to church on Sunday.

The group of church leaders includes 25 leaders who initiated legal action against the government against the closure of churches in the first lockdown.

Following the application for judicial review, which received favourable comments from the High Court Judge, Mr Justice Swift, the government backed down and allowed churches to meet, providing guidance with virtually no legal restrictions.

In a separate judicial review of lockdown restrictions, the judge, Mr Justice Lewis, singled out the closure of churches as arguably unlawful and a breach of freedom of religion.

The group involved in the new action also includes Welsh leaders who have already sent a pre-action letter to the Welsh government objecting to the closure of churches over three Sundays for the Welsh ‘firebreak’ lockdown.

This comes after some 885 church leaders signed an open letter to the Prime Minister and First Ministers stating that “we must not be asked to suspend Christian worship again. For us to do so would cause serious damage to our congregations, our service of the nation, and our duty as Christian ministers.”

Read a full press release from Christian Concern.

Also, faith leaders including the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, the Chair of the British Board of Scholars and Imams and the Chief Rabbi have written to the Prime Minister to raise their ‘profound concerns’ over the banning of public worshhip.

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