House and Health

A prayer request from Marie Grace:

I had posted the below prayer last week. And, I had hoped that the plumber who is to inspect under this house would have made an appointment with me by now, but so far have not heard from him. I am concerned that time is going to slip away from us. We urgently need a small digger to come to this property and rebore the drainage next to Dean’s bedroom where the water is turning the soil to mud. The whole house is incredibly damp right now.

Last week a person came to the house and inspected the tiles on the roof, and the water under the house. He found that the soil under the insulation mat was so wet you could pick it up and water come out of it. I have said this for at least a year. And the water under the house was everywhere.

The person also told me, that there is a firm here, that is certified to look after tile roofs, and that the tiles on this roof were made by a Levin company. So, that ends the nonsense I have lived under, (for 3 years) that the only firm New Zealand wide to do this work, is in Wellington. There is a perfectly good person here, who could safely do all of the inspections we have had, and write a report that has to be noted in the tenancy courts because of his qualifications in tile and tin roofs. He is to come and give a quote and a note for the report to be handed in.

I am really not impressed with all of this, and the severe impact on my health. I am now on 3 medications for my health. I have also had 4 emergency visits to the hospital. The last was yesterday, where my blood pressure was high, but not as high as it has been, hence the 3rd medication. All medications have come about due to the stress of the situation.

There already seems to be a hold-up. Please pray that the work goes ahead without delay. This is our 3rd winter with the exact issues which have caused my health to slide away. Please pray for a miracle intervention or better accommodation.

For tonight please pray Psalm 118:17 and Psalm 27:5-6 for me.

God bless everyone and thank you.

Marie Grace

Pastor calls for prayer as terrifying 100,000-acre swarm of locusts enters Uganda

Barnabas Fund reports:

A local pastor called for prayer as he reported, on 6 April, the arrival of a vast swarm of young desert locusts, estimated to cover an area of 100,000 acres (40,500 hectares), in north-eastern Uganda.

The upsurge that was predicted to arrive late April or May has already become a reality in early April. The immature locusts migrated in a dense swarm from Kenya, crossing the border at Karita sub-county, spreading to settle in the Karamoja region, Nakapiripirit district.

“Please continue in prayer for the Christians in Karamoja,” asked a pastor in the region as he told Barnabas that the fresh invasion comes at the “worst possible time”, when farmers in the region are planting new crops in the hope of a much-needed harvest in a few months’ time. The ravenous insects are already destroying recently planted staple crops including maize, beans, millet and sorghum.

Locust swarm

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Prime Minister of the UK in Intensive Care

You may or may not have heard the devastating news that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been taken into intensive care. Whatever your political views are, he is still our Prime Minister and the apostle Paul told us we must pray for those who are in authority. Let us all lift our Prime Minister and pray that he will recover quickly and be back at the head of government to take us out of this serious situation that we are in. Our prayers go to his family and those in government. Please share this with as many as possible and let us get a wall of prayer around this man.

God bless you all and may Jesus have all the victory.

Rev Ross Rennie

Pray for Recovery from an Accident and for Healing

We have received these two prayer requests:

Prayer Request 1

Good morning, saints. Please pray for Leah, a 19-year-old girl who fell through a window. She is in hospital unconscious with a big laceration on her head. She is not religious any more but some of her family members are. Let’s pray that she will not only recover fully but she will also come back to the Lord Jesus as her saviour and also serve the Lord for the rest of her life. In Jesus’ mighty name.

Prayer Request 2

Just back from the doctor and because of the huge lump on my throat and difficulty breathing, swallowing and bleeding , he wanted to start radiation on Monday.

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