Tenerife – Four Weeks On

Please continue to pray for our friends Jonathan and Rachael Birch and their daughter Maisie, who have now been in Tenerife for four weeks.

They ask us…

PLEASE PRAY for the double-miracle* we need to get our house in El Medano.


PLEASE PRAY for connections into the mission God has brought us here for (there are less than 0.5% followers of Jesus on the island. Approximately 7% attend the Catholic church). So there is plenty to do.


PLEASE PRAY for supernatural help learning the language andĀ getting established on the island.

* “We feel that God has shown us the house He wants us to have, but the couple who own it are having trouble with the property they are going to. Last comment from the guy who owns the house: ‘in the UK you’d need a miracle, here we need a double miracle!’ Good job we know the God of miracles andĀ double-miracles!”

Tenerife: The Adventure Begins

Birch familyPlease pray for our friends Jonathan and Rachael Birch and their daughter Maisie, travelling to Tenerife today to serve the Lord there long term. They feel drawn to work with the many homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts on the island, as well as those that are involved in the New Age lifestyle.

They need our prayers. Just before they left, they wrote to us:

We are still nervous, our hearts are breaking at leaving our nearest and dearest and we feel inadequate, but in the upside-down kingdom those are often the best qualifications.


The next time we write we will be there! Unashamedly we will take a couple of weeks holiday as we are worn-down physically and emotionally and then the hard work of language-learning and cultural orientation begins. (Prayer for supernatural help with language would be amazing and for divine connections!)