Wickedness in High Places

The Apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I wonder if he had in mind the Roman Empire and meant us today to see the wickedness that is gong on in our name in the Mother of all Parliaments. When a nation has no consideration for the poor, the sick and the disabled I believe it has lost its way. When its moral compass has shifted to benefit the rich and not the less well off we have lost the heart of the nation. I would like you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for the leaders of the United Kingdom. They say they were elected on a majority but our electoral system has been manipulated and corrupted over many hundreds of years by the Labour and Conservative parties, as for as long as I can remember they have always been the parties that have been in power. They are like Tweedledum and Tweedledee who went to fight a battle. I think it was over a rattle. But unfortunately these two parties have squabbled since the Second World War on who is right and who is wrong. I am old enough to remember the Winter of Discontent when this country was on a three-day week and we lit our homes with candles. The price of a candle could be anything up to £5, which was a lot of money back in those days. But I have seen another phenomenon, which I believe to be evil, that was brought in by Margaret Thatcher and that was the love of money.

I praise God that the House of Lords has blocked this wicked bill to reform the tax credits, but it would seem now those in power are not happy with the results even though the majority of the country are opposed to these slashing cuts. Yes, we all know we have to live within our means, but unfortunately the politicians have short memories. It was the banks that caused the crash because of their greed and it was us, the public, taxpayers, who baled the banks out. We had the scandal of politicians manipulating their expenses, PPI, corruption at all levels of government, police forces being castigated for their behaviour, and now we see the inhumanity to man regarding people escaping a war zone. My brothers and sisters, I will put this all down to the love of money. Jesus told us we can only serve one master, Him or money.

So I would like us all to seek the Lord, as those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

The Bible also says that Jesus is the Head of the church, so we are the shoulders. That would intimate to me that we are the government or the governing power on this earth. So therefore we have a say in the affairs of man through the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The solution to this country’s problems is simple. Well paid work that pays to go to work, investment in our industry as Germany has done, affordable housing whether rented or bought. That would mean the rich being taxed, companies paying their fair share such as Amazon, Starbucks, and the list goes on. I think it was Mr Cameron who once said we are all in this together, but unfortunately his party only benefits the rich and the powerful. They still treat us like public schoolboys and throw us a few crumbs when they choose to when they want our vote. So I hope in four years’ time, if this government survives, you will remember what they did at the beginning and punish them, as nowhere in their manifesto did the Tory party ever say they were going to attack tax credits. As the press has borne out, these tax credits are a safety net to many lower paid families who did get off their backs and go to work, and I am sure you know many and so do I. As for the minimum wage, many employers will never pay that, as many companies now are reducing staff to reduce their pay bills, which will mean that their existing workers will end up doing more for less, which is always the case. The bottom line, as many of us in business understand, is if you do not speculate you do not accumulate, and this present government seems to have no understanding that selling off the family silver and emptying the cupboards is unsustainable. Austerity never works; it just puts more money in the pockets of the mega rich. The only way for a country to grow is inward investment: building small businesses which then can become larger, as Germany has done in the past twenty years. As for Cameron, he has already stated he does not intend to see this parliament out and he will do the damage before he goes. When I look at the political elite unfortunately I do not see any leaders, and that is a sad state for our nation.
So, my brothers and sisters, if you live in the United Kingdom pray like you have never prayed before. If you are reading this from across the world please pray for us, as the only answer to this country’s problems is if this nation turns back to Jesus and the values of our forefathers.

What can you do? Lobby your MP about your disgust at the way the poor, the needy and those who need help are being treated.

God bless you as you read this thoughtfully.

Ross Rennie

Is Sunday Really the Most Miserable Day of the Week?

Minister of State (Minister for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise) for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Rt Hon Anna Soubry declared to listeners of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that prior to the introduction of Sunday trading, Sundays had been ‘the most miserable day of the week’.


Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP

Ms Soubry added, “The only thing to look forward to was Sing Something Simple on the radio. Goodness me, if that didn’t sum up a miserable Sunday.”

How sad! One can imagine Ms Soubry pacing restlessly up and down in the front parlour in the early 1990s, the only sound the ticking of the grandfather clock and a bluebottle buzzing at the window, endlessly repeating, “I can’t take much more of this! If only it were Monday. I’m desperate for a fix from Woolworths.”

Ms Soubry is not satisfied with the six hours of ‘retail therapy’ she has been able get at the temple of Mammon since 1994. She is now supporting Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s plan to hand responsibility for Sunday trading laws in England and Wales to towns and cities, allowing them to decide how long shops can stay open.

Rev Ross Rennie writes:

It is a sad day when a politician says Sunday is the most miserable day of the week.
There are many instances in the Bible that show how man has done that which is right in his own eyes, such as when Abraham tried to help God by taking Hagar. We know the result: Ishmael.

There is also the account of Abraham pleading for just ten righteous people in Sodom (Genesis 18: 23-33).

But there is a passage that is seldom read in our churches about what happened to Lot and his two daughters (Genesis19: 30-38). I suggest you read it for yourself and see the depths of depravity that man can descend to.

Last year we saw the unravelling of marriage as we know it. Some may say it is good thing, but I as a fundamental Christian know that it is not, and what mankind sows that shall he reap: a harvest of destruction. I understand grace, that God forgives us our sins through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, but I do know to my own cost there is a consequence to sin. As Jesus said, we become slaves to sin, and if sin is our master then it is a terrible master and it can destroy Christian and non-Christian alike. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14: 6).

We now have so-called ministers of the gospel debating on what Jesus said.

Many years ago I was a member like many of us of Keep Sunday Special. It was only the power of the multi-nationals and I would say the corruption of politicians allegedly that overturned the most sacred day of the week. Life now, as many of us know, is so pressured. Families do not even sit down for one meal in the week. They are glued to the television, their tablets or their smartphones, and even in some households they are playing on their phones while eating their meals.

This, I believe, is the start of the new order. George Bush first spoke about it many years ago and many politicians have spoken about it since. Our dear brother Barry Smith, who has gone to be with the Lord, spoke about this and people laughed at him and ridiculed him, but some of us listened.

Now we have a government minister saying that prior to the introduction of Sunday trading, Sunday was the most miserable day of the week. I would say the problem was not with Sunday but with the person, as God’s creation has never changed. The beauty of walking with your family or your friends in the countryside or by the sea or even in a park has all been wiped away by commercialism.

Unfortunately, whether you believe it or not, this is part of Satan’s master pan to homogenise the world into a one-world government and a one-world religion.

But as Isaac said (Genesis 22: 7) when his father took him up the mountain, “Where is the lamb?” There is only one Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world and His name is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

So, my brothers and sisters, I will pray for your countries and your leaders, that they turn back to God, as unless they do they are leading mankind to destruction. John Bunyan wrote about this in the 17th century. I suggest you read the book The Pilgrim’s Progress.

I would also ask, where are the leaders of the body of Christ? The Bible also says even the elect will be led astray (Matthew 24: 24). So, my brothers and sisters, we need to watch and pray as the Lord will be back soon to take us all home.

God bless you all

Rev Ross Rennie

Ashers Baking Company to Appeal

Ashers Baking Company is to appeal against District Judge Isobel Brownlie’s ruling that by refusing to produce a cake bearing the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ the company unlawfully discriminated against Gareth Lee on the grounds of sexual orientation.

In a statement, the McArthur family, who own and run Ashers, said: “After much careful and prayerful consideration given to legal advice, we have decided to appeal the judgment handed down last Tuesday.

“We continue to insist that we have done nothing wrong as we have discriminated against no individual but rather acted according to what the Bible teaches regarding marriage.

“As many other people have already noted, Christian beliefs seem to have been trampled over in this judgment and we believe this only has negative effects for our society.

“Our hope and prayer would be that an appeal will allow us and other Christians to live out their faith in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives, including their workplace.”

Make a Stand

We believe it is important for all those who support freedom of speech and freedom of conscience to make their views known by writing to their elected representatives in the House of Commons or the Northern Ireland Assembly. You can also write to Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Minister for Women and Equalities, at the Government Equalities Office, 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ.

Your rights are at stake, not just those of Ashers.

Join the Debate

In response to our tweet that Ashers were to appeal, Simon Thompson tweeted:

@gracemissionsuk I bet if a Muslim baker refused to make a Christian cake you be up in arms

No. We would do what Mr Lee should have done when refused a cake by Ashers: get a life, recognise the supplier’s right to freedom of conscience and look for another bakery that would agree to bake the cake.

” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

We quote again the opinion of Aidan O’Neill QC, written before the Ashers case came to trial.

“There would be no defence to similar actions being taken against individuals or companies supplying services in any of the following scenarios which have been presented to me:

  1. A Muslim printer refusing a contract requiring the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed;
  2. An atheist web designer refusing to design a website presenting as scientific fact the claim that God made the world in six days;
  3. A Christian film company refusing to produce a “feminist/female-gaze” erotic film;
  4. A Christian baker refusing to take an order to make a cake celebrating Satanism;
  5. A T-shirt company owned by lesbians declining to print T-shirts with a message describing gay marriage as an “abomination”;
  6. A printing company run by Roman Catholics declining an order to produce adverts calling for abortion on demand to be legalised.”

What do you think? Is your freedom of conscience under threat? Join the debate. Add your comments below.

A Sad Day for the Kingdom

As many of you may have heard today, the world again has decided to go its own way and the judgment has gone against Ashers Baking Company. This has just made a mockery of the laws of this world as it now means if a Muslim printer refused to print a cartoon of Mohammed with the caption ‘false prophet’, the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland would find him guilty in a court. So whether it is a cake or a piece of printed literature we now see that even our human rights are at stake. As Bible believing Christians (as many of us are) we are now into territory that could face any of us with law suits or even imprisonment.

Have mercy on their souls.

Stand with David against the Quango Goliath

A Christian-run bakery will be up in court on 26 March for refusing to bake a cake.

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland claims that Ashers Baking Company broke political and sexual orientation discrimination laws by declining to produce a pro-gay ‘marriage’ campaign cake last year.

Daniel McArthur, manager of Ashers, whose name comes from the biblical tribe of Asher who had many skilled bakers and created bread fit for a king (Genesis 49: 20), said that fulfilling the order would have involved promoting a cause which goes against their conscientious view that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Leading human rights lawyer Aidan O’Neill QC has written a legal opinion in which he outlines the dramatic consequences which could follow if Ashers Baking Company loses.

He states that if Ashers loses there would also be no defence to similar actions being taken against other businesses in any of the following scenarios:

  • A Muslim printer refusing a contract requiring the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed;
  • An atheist web designer refusing to design a website presenting as scientific fact the claim that God made the world in six days;
  • A Christian film company refusing to produce a “female-gaze/feminist” erotic film;
  • A Christian baker refusing to take an order to make a cake celebrating Satanism;
  • A T-shirt company owned by lesbians declining to print T-shirts with a message describing gay ‘marriage’ as an “abomination”;
  • A printing company run by Roman Catholics declining an order to produce adverts calling for abortion on demand to be legalised.

The McArthurs have received widespread support, including from a gay activist, Northern Ireland’s First Minister, MPs and MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland).

DUP MEP Diane Dodds has described the legal action against Ashers as a “deeply regrettable” challenge to the “right to exercise faith”, and a “violation of Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights”.

A poll has shown that the majority of the general public think the legal action brought by the taxpayer-funded quango is over the top.

Will you stand with Ashers and the McArthur family as they face this difficult trial, and thank them for their good example?

Sign this petition now!

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