Unstoppable Nico, Invincible God

Pastor Nico Saaiman, who conducted the crusade in Ellesmere Port last year, is on his way to India to speak at Pastor Reuben Paul’s Great Gospel Crusade.

Crusade poster

He had planned to go to Manchester Airport by train, but then decided to drive his car there. Soon after setting off, his car broke down at about 6 am. He tried telephoning two friends for help but there was no reply. He then telephoned me and I was able to drive to where he was, pick him up and take him to the airport, where he arrived in time to catch his flight to India.

Not only did the Lord get Nico to the airport on time, but He also arranged for Nico’s car to be taken back to his home and He got me back just in time to receive delivery of a kitchen appliance that I had arranged previously.

At every stage the Lord was in control.

Joseph said to his brothers, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good”. God turns the enemy’s plans to hinder, harm or frustrate us into opportunities to bless us and do us good.

Rev Ross Rennie