Please Pray for Maria

From AM:

JESUS, Your Name is above all names.

By Your authority and by the power of Your precious blood, we speak to the root causes of Maria’s heart disorder and migraines. We command all disorders to bow to You now, Lord Jesus, and to depart. We declare by the power of The Holy Spirit that Maria is being released from trauma into restoration of mind, body, soul and spirit.

For Your glory, Father.

Hallelujah. Amen.

Praise and Prayer for Healing

We praise the Lord for 12-year-old M‘s recovery from a stroke. Please pray for her healing to be complete.

A is waiting for the results of a scan. Please pray for the Lord’s healing of any problem that it may reveal.

C is suffering from a dry right eye. Please pray for the tear gland and duct to function normally.

Prayer for Healing from Cancer

In July, we passed on a prayer request from S for her father.

S has repeated the request:

Please could you pray for my amazing Dad J, who has terminal cancer caused by asbestos? His cancer is spreading aggressively and I am asking for prayer for his healing. He is becoming weak, is in terrible pain and needs physical strength as well as inner healing from cancer. I also pray for a clear mind for my Dad. Thank you so much.

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