Who Would Put Themselves in Gaol?

I hope like me you love this country, the United Kingdom. There are many forces at work that wish to break up the union. I feel a witness in my spirit that we are fighting the biggest spiritual battle this country has seen for centuries. If we end up a vassal state under the common rulebook, the customs union and the backstop, we shall have betrayed our brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland and we shall give away our freedom and democracy to unelected, undemocratic bureaucrats.

I have listened and prayed about both sides of the argument and I am now convinced that the UK will be better off under WTO rules for trading and leave means leave. I cannot understand why anybody like in the game of Monopoly would want to put themselves into gaol, give the key to the gaoler and hope one day the gaoler will set them free. I think even a six-year-old can understand this.

Mrs Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, even though she spoke at Lancaster House and guaranteed the British public that she would work for a clean exit from the EU, has in effect betrayed this country. In times past when we were ruled by kings, she would probably have lost her head for this. I understand many feel that she has done her best, but quite frankly it is now appearing her best was not good enough, as sadly her heart was not in it and she had no intention of disengaging from the Europeans and winning back our sovereignty, our fisheries, our agriculture and our freedom to trade freely with the rest of the world.

It is your duty on Monday morning to email your MP if you feel and love this country as I do.

I have heard all the nonsense regarding we shall not be able to visit Europe on holiday, they will put tariffs on our cars and many other arguments, but you need to understand we import more from Europe than we export. That is a fact. In your garden shed, you probably have a Flymo, a Bosch drill, or even a Worcester combi-boiler. If you do not know, these are all German companies. If you look around your house you will see many products that are from the EU. So the fear tactics that the globalist elite are using are no more than fear.

It is time for this great country to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and not to be bullied by the spineless members at Westminster and show the Europeans that we do not want to see our streets such as France being set alight. There is an anger in the country which I have never experienced. It would appear that it will only take a spark and we can see the same as in France. Please pray that this would not be the case.

As we are Christians we must always obey the rule of law, but if the Mother of Parliaments is neutralised then we are closer to the Lord’s return than at any other time in our history. As many of you know, I have studied eschatology for many years, I have read many papers, I have listened to men such as Barry Smith from New Zealand, who is no longer with us. I watch with interest technology that countries such as China and now India are becoming cashless societies. They are now buying goods through their mobile phones using a QR code, which many of us now believe could be the start of the biochip. I am not saying this is the mark of the beast, but it would appear very close to a one-world trading system. Even now in the UK, as many of you do know, you can do your banking on your mobile phone, and even in Cambodia now you can pay for your bus fare by scanning a QR code. So the system is becoming more and more worldwide. We are moving to a cashless society and much of this stuff we know who is behind it. People such as Barry Smith, Charles Lawson and Leonard Ravenhill were laughed at years ago, but now we are seeing these things with our own eyes. Our situation on the 11th of this month will determine which way we go. If we end up as I have said above, I believe time is running out, as all the signs are pointing to a one-world government and a one-world church. My only prayer is that Jesus returns before these things fully take hold. You owe it to yourself to read the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, as a believer.

I am sorry to give such a stark warning, but as a watchman for our God and our Father in heaven, I must obey Him first.

As many of you know, on 11 December I shall be travelling to Cambodia. The good news is God has honoured me mightily. Much of my cost inside Cambodia has been covered. I still have a shortfall of about £700 which I have to pay back on my credit cards when I return, but my faith as you know is so great I trust the Lord, my God, as this trip to Cambodia is a miracle in itself. I give all the praise and all the honour and all the glory to God.

Rev Ross Rennie

Brexit: The Bias of the BBC

Whether you are a remoaner or a leaver it is immaterial now as if like me you have studied the Brexit agreement that our Prime Minister has brought back from Brussels, you will see this would be catastrophic to our nation’s democracy. You may say, what is this to do with me, but I would say to you, brothers and sisters, it has everything to do with you, as if democracy dies your freedoms as Bible-believing Christians will disappear. I believe 100% that persecution will come in several forms. Church leaders, you will be forced into a multi-faith declaration which is being prepared by the EU at this very moment. If you do not accept this situation you will lose your charity status.

Jesus said, would He find faith on the earth when He returns. I believe that I have heard from the Lord that this is the last opportunity for you as church leaders to stand for truth, justice and democracy. I would plead with you to ask members of your congregations, your friends and your family to write to your MP and urge them if they are Tories to do the right thing. No one wants to see a Prime Minister removed from office but as Ann Widdecombe has just said, our Prime Minister is a quisling. Take the time and see what the word means. I would say in Biblical terms she is like Judas, who stayed with Jesus for three years and then betrayed Him to the Jewish authorities so that Scripture could be fulfilled, and we know what happened to Jesus.

So if you want to save our nation and bring back a true democracy, an accountable parliament and MPs that are accountable to the British public, then write to your MP as I have suggested, and also if you believe as I do the BBC, which was once a fine organisation, has now become pro-European, then write to Ofcom with your disgust, as their job is not to make opinion, it is to report unbiased, as, in the end, you are its paymaster with your BBC licence. I suggest if you have any moral compass you remove your BBC licence as I have done approximately two years ago. I do not watch any terrestrial TV, not because I am religious, but I do not want to listen to propaganda.

So now, my brothers and sisters, it is time to search your own conscience and see how you should be living unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. I hope this message challenges you and you will forward it to others. May God bless you.

Rev Ross Rennie

Write to Ofcom

Sharon White
Chief Executive

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road


On the Down-Grade or Pressing on for the Prize of the Upward Call?

2018 has been a very interesting year. I am sure like us you have had good times, you have had sad times and you have had bad times. But there is one thing I have learned as Paul learned, to be content in all situations.

There is much wrong with the body of Christ but in the end Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” We are also told that there will be sheep and goats, wheat and tares. The decision is, what are you, a sheep or a goat, wheat or tare? The amazing thing about this is it is one of God’s mysteries. Only you know. Jesus said, “What would it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul?” This scripture has haunted me all through this year. Another scripture that has challenged me is where Jesus said, “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.’” (Matthew 7: 22-23)

We see many things in the church today that do not make sense, but Jesus and the Holy Spirit have taken me back to listen to sermons over 100 years old by the mighty men and women of God such as Charles Haddon Spurgeon, and to look at the great controversy the down-grade, which has found its way into many mainstream churches and sadly has compromised the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is one word which ministers from all persuasions are reluctant to use: repentance. John the Baptist preached it, Jesus preached it and the apostles preached it. Now we are told we cannot offend people. I believe this is much of what Charles Haddon Spurgeon gave his life for, and if you ever look at the story of Charles Haddon Spurgeon you will find he was an ordinary man from the fens. He was called the people’s preacher, but he preached to many hundreds of thousands in his lifetime. You can find his story on YouTube. I suggest if you really want to know the truth, take a look.

Other stories which have challenged me this year are the story of John Hus from Bohemia, Martin Luther from Germany, John Wesley, Tyndale and Coverdale who changed this world, DL Moody and Hudson Taylor, not forgetting dear old Gladys Aylward and many others who have given their lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ. None of these people looked for fame, adoration or even worship as many do today. They did not ride around in Cessna jets or live in mansions. They were humble and had contrite hearts., So I would challenge these big ministries: are you built on the rock or on sand? Jesus in one of the parables said the foolish man built his house upon the sand and the wise man built his house upon the rock. A brother has just said to me recently, would it not be amazing if Benny Hinn and his like gave everything they had like Zacchaeus did and paid back what I believe they have stolen (but that is just my opinion) to the widow the orphan. We could change this world.

I also believe with many Christians as one great preacher once said, the hardest thing to convert is a man’s wallet. We are all guilty of this. So this holiday season I would challenge you and myself to give fewer presents, reduce our expenditure and what we conserve give to the poor and other ministries around the world. I believe this would send a signal to the world that we are truly God’s people. I know the argument that many use about Christmas, but you owe it to yourself to research all the traditions of men that we have accepted blindly about this season, as I myself have realised much of it has nothing at all to do with our Lord or the kingdom of God. Did not the apostle Paul say that we should not conform to this world or the traditions of men, or have I read a different Bible? Sadly, many Christians do not read their Bibles. They just listen to the opinions of men on YouTube or sermons that they have heard. My prayer for all believers is that we shall get back to our Bibles and if need be challenge public opinion. Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away.” (Luke 21: 33) As far as I know, these are the words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, not the opinions of men.

If you have any arguments about this article, do not blame me. I am just the messenger. I believe the Lord is speaking to His church, but most of the time it is not listening. I believe 2019 is going to be a crucial year for the body of Christ and many of us will have to make choices. Unfortunately, those choices may be painful. We can no longer accept compromise, as sin is sin whether it is inside the church or outside the church. I personally will not accept gay ministers, those who practise homosexuality, liars, cheats, deceivers, as God has made it very clear none of these will enter the kingdom of heaven. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord, even, as it says in Revelation, if we have to suffer unto death. Are you prepared to do the same as Jesus idid it for you and me when He died at Calvary?

I hope this article challenges you. It many offend you but ultimately you will give an account before the throne one day on how you lived.

If you want to debate this, please add your comment. We should love to hear from you.
God bless you and may you have a good holiday.

Rev Ross Rennie

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