Please Pray for Maria

From AM:

JESUS, Your Name is above all names.

By Your authority and by the power of Your precious blood, we speak to the root causes of Maria’s heart disorder and migraines. We command all disorders to bow to You now, Lord Jesus, and to depart. We declare by the power of The Holy Spirit that Maria is being released from trauma into restoration of mind, body, soul and spirit.

For Your glory, Father.

Hallelujah. Amen.

Abolish the TV Licence

I am trying to get a campaign going amongst the church regarding the BBC licence fee. I personally have written to my own MP, as the BBC licence is coming up for a debate soon. I would ask you to search your conscience why you should be supporting financially an organisation I now believe to be antichrist. Of course it is your choice how you spend your money, but I do believe the Holy Spirit is challenging us as true believers to be more discerning about what we allow in our houses.

Please take a look at my YouTube video.

I have had letters and communications from the licensing authority near enough calling me a liar. I have not watched the BBC or any live transmissions for over eight months now and could not even tell you what is on their programmes or their programming schedule. Their attitude at the TV licensing authority is tantamount to bullying. To get the goons from Capita off my back I have to let them into my property, which is a violation of my rights. Legally they have no right to enter my property as I have removed their right of access, which you can do, and they have no legal right to enter your property unless you invite them in. If you take a look on YouTube at this subject you will see their bullying tactics.

It is time now that the church stood up and was counted. Most of your TV licence fee goes to extravagant living by people like Chris Evans, Jeremy Vine and out-of-work actors and comedians who are blasphemous to God. The Bible tells us in Psalm 1, which I suggest you read and make up your own mind, not to sit with the scornful and the mocker. So I would ask you all to ask the Holy Spirit if you should be watching and supporting such filth and antichrist behaviour. I believe it is time now true believers stood up for what we truly believe. You may say, “What can I do about it?” There is much you can do. Firstly pray that God will bring this abominable organisation down. Withdraw your TV licence fee from this organisation. Write to your MP and the Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May with your own concerns. Why should you pay the BBC for watching Freeview, Sky, Virgin and even using your own laptops in your own home, as none of your licence fee goes to any of these other organisations and is kept by the BBC only?

It is time the BBC became a subscription channel only and if people want to be brainwashed with antichrist abomination then they can choose to pay separately. It is sad that such a wonderful organisation deteriorated into this condition. It is only kept there by politicians. You can also go onto my petition on 38 degrees and support us. Please share this with your other friends and those in the church, as it is a message that I believe the Lord wants to get out to His body. It is time to get right with the Lord before He comes.

Urgent Prayer Request for Accommodation


Please hold this request before the Lord. We need to be out in days and do not have a confirmed place to rent. Please pray that we can  financially afford the rent.


Could I please ask you and your team to pray before the Lord to bring to  us a place to rent very urgently. We still have not been accepted for a  house to rent. Please ask God that we are granted further time here. It  is days until we have to leave. Favour to stay and favour in respect of a  tenancy agreement.

Proverbs 3: 4

So you will find favour and good repute
In the sight of God and man

Isaiah 33: 2

O LORD, be gracious to us; we have waited for You
Be their strength every morning,
Our salvation also in the time of distress.



Praise and Prayer for Healing

We praise the Lord for 12-year-old M‘s recovery from a stroke. Please pray for her healing to be complete.

A is waiting for the results of a scan. Please pray for the Lord’s healing of any problem that it may reveal.

C is suffering from a dry right eye. Please pray for the tear gland and duct to function normally.

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