Daniel McArthur leads the UK’s top 100 most inspirational Christians 2016

Daniel McArthur has been chosen as the most inspirational British Christian of 2016 in a poll conducted by the Christian blogger who writes under the name Archbishop Cranmer.

Archbishop Cranmer Top 100 UK ChristiansThe citations that accompanied Daniel’s nomination included:

For firm and dignified defence of Christian morality in resisting orders to endorse or conform to the immoral fashions of the day, at great personal cost, and in the face of a near universal disdain in the media and political sphere.

His resolute faith in most trying circumstances has inspired so many people not just in the UK but across the world.

For his stalwart defence of religious liberty and freedom of conscience.

You can read more about Daniel and see the full list of Archbishop Cranmer’s Top 100 UK Christians here.